And what can the TEXTGURU do for you?

Do you need help with
  • translating,
  • proofreading,
  • editing,
  • analysing,
  • finding,
  • or even just writing a text?

  • I am your TEXTGURU – your personal text perfectioniser.
    Reliable, fast and with a great attention to detail.

    Writing comes easy to me, let me help you!


    A bundle of Joy

    • Translations from German into English and vice versa, both British and American English.
    • Highly accurate and precise work in orthography, punctuation, grammar, structure, format, style.
    • Proofreading of all imaginable text types. You write it, I read it.
    • Spell-checking in English and German.
    • Recording and filing of your special language and style preferences.
    • Text improvement, in all stages and on all levels (editing, rewriting, shortening, streamlining, adding, extending).
    • New words and style suggestions for your brochures, promotional materials, magazines, catalogues, websites, letters, e-mails, newsletters, presentations etc.
    • General research and internet research for your project, whatever it may be.

    About Me

    I am a multipotentialite, so I do not have a key area of expertise. Instead I am genuinely interested in everything, and I will tackle even the most exotic subjects you throw at me, as my list of customers indicates.

    And that renaissance mind is also reflected in my biography. My passport says I am German, but I can hardly remember a time in my life when I was not totally obsessed with the English language. After school (majors in Biology and English), I lived in Cornwall/UK for a year, where I taught German at a local high school and sat my Cambridge language exams. I then went on to study for an M.A. degree in English and German (language and literature, both ancient and modern) at Aachen university in Germany. Next stop: personal assistant for an American and several German managers at Citibank. Then I did some freelancing for a friend's editorial office, before I launched my own business called "abissz" (a to z, with a spelling error as an eyecatcher, noticed it?).

    I have now been living permanently in England (Buckinghamshire) since July 2008 – with a little interruption from 2012 to 2014 when I set out to experience Shanghai in China.

    Translating, proofreading, editing and generally loving both English and German has been my thing, ever since working as a student assistant and tutor.

    Today, I am an experienced translator, editor and proofreader. And I am here to help you with any text-related matter.

    Your TEXTGURU,
    Corinna Spellerberg


    Don't just take my word for it. Here is what my blissed-out customers are saying:


    “In her work she is covering several areas with her high expertise and skills both in English translation and language use as well as in her technical and biological expertise to understand the texts of LemnaTec. […] The key issue for the smooth, fast and highly efficient cooperation is Corinna’s high professionalism, fast understanding and efficiency even when working under high time pressure."


    “We have highly valued Mrs. Spellerberg’s work ethic, particularly as in our segment of the magazine market – namely satire and word-cabaret – certain puns, double meanings or even neologisms are quite common, which proves a great challenge for any editor. … By employing her, every publisher will gain a conscientious, linguistically versatile and very reliable staff member.”


    “Da Frau Spellerberg in ihrem Büro auch Korrektors- und Lektoratsdienstleistungen anbietet, sind die von ihr gelieferten Übersetzungen sprachlich wie sachlich fehlerfrei. […] Wie Rückmeldungen seitens unserer US-amerikanischen Leserschaft bestätigt haben, sind Frau Spellerbergs Texte von denen eines amerikanischen Muttersprachlers nicht zu unterscheiden.”

    National Instruments

    "Frau Spellerberg hat uns auch hinsichtlich der Terminologiearbeit unterstützt und dadurch die englische Lokalisierung wesentlich erleichtert. In einem Projekt hat sie mehrere umfangreiche und anspruchsvolle englische Dokumente für uns erfolgreich ins Deutsche übersetzt."

    Board Game Circus

    "What we really liked about Corinna's work was, next to the on-point translations, her responsiveness in urgent cases."

    Igel Spiele

    "Corinna Spellerberg übersetzt für Igel Spiele die Regeln ins Englische. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der prompten und exakten Umsetzung. Meine ausländischen Geschäftspartner bestätigen mir, dass die Übersetzungen glasklar verständlich und schön zu lesen sind. Schnell, pünktlich und perfekt!"

    Kite and Friends

    "We have worked with Mrs. Spellerberg's editorial office since 2004. She has been responsible for the editing and proofreading of all our KITE & friends magazines in the German language for over 10 years now. Regularly she translates texts from our international authors from English to German. L inguistically and factually all her work is on a very high level, accurate, clear and meaningful. It is very important and helpful for us that Mrs. Spellerberg familiarized herself quickly with the specifics of our subject matter and works reliably, efficiently and rapidly, also under very high time pressure. Mrs. Spellerberg has our trust in all areas and we are very glad about the long-term cooperation with her."